About this Storyteller

I spent much of my childhood dreaming I was a  fairy-tale princess or a member of Captain Planet’s team…and sometimes both at the same time.  Twenty-odd years later, I spend much of my time daydreaming about where those “fairy-tale princesses” would fit in history…Which isn’t too much different from what I did as a kid! (Ok…maybe a kid would find that boring…)

As you can tell, stories were never just stories to me; they were  the very air I breathed.  I made myself a part of them, ingraining them into the very fabric of my life.  That outlook didn’t change when I became a follower of Jesus Christ – it simply enhanced it.  Suddenly, the stories had more meaning, more purpose, more beauty than ever before…because in every story, I saw the thread of God’s Grace and I knew I had to write about it. 

But “real-life” got in the way, and so the calling to write lay dormant for about a decade…until God re-awakened it.  This re-awakening was slow, but when complete, it was as if I had always known this was my purpose. 

God has called me to write, finding His thread of Grace through history, stories, and “ordinary” life.

But we all know life isn’t ordinary! Like the princesses in my beloved tales, my marriage to my best friend has radically changed my life.  Granted, I was never in a situation quite like Cinderella’s, but Andrew is definitely as charming as any prince!  His love for me and confidence in my calling fuels the spirit behind my writing.  When you read my words, it’s because Andrew has encouraged me.  I’m so thankful he chose to be part of this journey!

But more importantly, it’s God who inspires my ideas.  I strive to measure everything up to His word, and to see Him working through these tales.  My prayer is that His Grace and Love shines through…and also that you would be encouraged to seek God in all you do, too!