We tell all sorts of stories at Christmas time.  Stories about light, about gifts, about Jesus.  Stories about Saints and Saviors.  But what is at the root of those stories?  Interestingly enough, the root is always Christ…

Seeking God in the Stories we Tell at Christmas Time

It’s that wonderful time of year once again!  There is holiday cheer and well wishes, gift giving and receiving, and an all around joyful atmosphere (usually).  The lights are up, Santa’s are out, and creche sets have been placed. And once again, it’s time for an advent blog.  It’s actually my fourth Christmas blog, although […]

The Light of Santa Lucia

I have always loved the lights at Christmas time.  I even wrote a blog about them several years ago.  Light brings warmth, hope…and it symbolizes an indescribable longing.  A longing that maybe – just maybe – the Light will overcome the Darkness.     Is it any wonder light is tied to Christmas?  We longed for […]