“As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good in order to bring about this present result, to preserve many people alive.” ~ Genesis 50:20

And here we are, ending at the beginning.  Once more, this post contains spoilers from Disney’s Maleficent – so proceed with care!

Maleficent is no longer the villain we love to fear from the animated classic.  Her heart has shed its masks and been drawn to the call of its savior.  She has remembered who she used to be, before tragedy struck: a warrior-lover, a battle-maiden intent upon protecting that which she loves.

But those memories of who she once was cannot save her beloved Aurora from her fate.

So Aurora pricks her finger – she must, after all.  Her father doesn’t even try to wake her.  Phillip’s kiss does nothing (which is entirely appropriate since they had only met for maybe three minutes).

But Maleficent knew this would be so.  She intended for the curse to be unbreakable.

But as we know, no heart is beyond redemption.  All can be restored…

Miraculous Restoration

I really struggled on how to continue.  One part of me wants to tell you all the heroic and valiant and brave things Maleficent does as Aurora’s warrior-lover; because without knowing them, the end just isn’t as beautiful.   

So this is all I shall say: all is restored.  Miraculously and fantastically, all is restored.  Yes, Maleficent still bears the memories of the pain, just as our Zellandine did.  But, like Zellandine, Maleficent – abused, violated, and rejected – is in the end loved, treasured, and adored. 

Just as Joseph’s brothers selling him into slavery was a sin, the violence done to Maleficent (or Zellandine or Talia) was a sin.  But just as God used Joseph’s situation to bring about life for many, so, too, was Maleficent’s situation used to bring about life for many.  For not only was Aurora’s life restored, but peace between the fairies and the mortals was restored as well.  Certainly, it could have happened another way; but it didn’t.  Suffering and pain happens, but we can be assured that God has not forgotten us.  Rather, He will use that suffering and pain to bring about something miraculous in the lives of those around us…

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