I spent much of my childhood pretending I was a  fairy-tale princess or a member of Captain Planet’s team…and sometimes both at the same time.  Twenty-five-odd years later, I spend much of my time daydreaming about where those “fairy-tale princesses” would fit in history…And pretending I’m fighting crime with Batman.

Stories were never just stories to me; they were  the very air I breathed growing up.  I made myself a part of them, ingraining them into the very fabric of my life.  I grew up a Christian, but it took me awhile to realize that Jesus gave us these stories for a reason – to seek Him.  Suddenly, the stories had more meaning, more purpose, more beauty than ever before…because in every story, I saw the thread of God’s Grace. 

I believe God has called me to bring light into this world through my writing, whether that’s blogging about old stories, sharing mine, or writing new ones.

Apart from being a writer, I’m living my fairy tale dreams of being a wife and mother!  My husband Andrew means the world to me.  His love for me and confidence in my calling spurs me on.  When you read my words, it’s because Andrew has encouraged me.  As a mom of two, I couldn’t do this without his loving support. 

And my babies?  I have a girl and boy, 16 months apart.  They inspire me to make this world a better place.