Ever wondered what a selkie is?  What’s the difference between mermaids and sirens?  And just what IS a Myrmidon, anyway?  

Below is a list of mythological creatures you will find on this blog…and will then be able to pull out at parties to showcase your knowledge of amazing things. 😉

What are Myrmidons

“What are Myrmidons?” is possibly the number one question I get asked regarding my blog.  Most people assume it’s another word for merman, which is quite logical.

Mermaids vs. Sirens

The tl;dr version: Technically, a siren is a half-bird, half-woman hybrid from Greek mythology; a mermaid is a half-fish, half-woman hybrid from Northern European folklore.  Over time, however, “siren” has become interchangeable and synonymous with mermaid.  Generally, both refer to the half-fish-half-woman hybrid of Northern European origin.

Other Mermaid “Types”

Yes, there are mermaids…and then there are a host of “mermaid types” – maidens of the deep who clearly derive from the same pool of myths and stories as mermaids.  However, they have distinctions that are fascinating, and, I think, important.  I hope you enjoy the summary of each!