Welcome to the story archives!  These are all the series I’ve done so far.  It’s also helpful if you’re looking for info on a particular story!  Each one has a brief synopsis, as well as the blogs that go along with it.  You can also search for a key word in the search box if that’s easier.

Also, the blog posts are in chronological order.  I know that’s different than most other blogs, but since this one is based on stories, there is an intended order to them.  That doesn’t mean you can’t jump around, though!  Happy reading!

Seeking God in the Stories We Tell

Our stories are powerful.  They give us a voice, offer us hope, and show the world as we wish it would be.  Most of our stories do not reference the God of the Bible, and may even seem opposed to Him.  But He’s there, in the midst of our tales, waiting for us to come back to Him.

Sleeping Beloved

Everyone knows the story of the Sleeping Beauty. The thread of this tale has been woven through time, and each Beloved has her own trials and griefs. Yet each chooses to be a survivor despite the evil done to her. God’s heart for this story is to show us that no matter what may come, love can awaken our wounded hearts…and it is worth it.

An Ordinary Girl’s Thoughts on Christmas

This is a collection of my thoughts over the 2015 Advent Season. There is no common theme other than Christ. And He is the most worthy theme of all.

…And They Lived Happily Ever After

Weddings are strange beasts, both joyful and stressful.  As a Christian, I desperately want to find God in the midst of them.  I hope this blog helps to paint them in a new light.


When I began this blog, I set out to prove that every story – even those corrupted by sin – can be used by God to teach us lessons about Himself. Mythos – the Greek word for “myth” – puts that theory to the ultimate test. This Advent series shows how God used the Greek myths to ready the gentiles to recognize and accept their true Savior.

White as Snow

We all know the morals taught by Snow White’s tale: don’t be vain, don’t be jealous.  Those are good lessons to learn, but God never sought moralists; He has always sought hearts.  But there is another seeking hearts – another bent upon destroying hearts.  Through Snow White’s heartbreaking tale, God shows us there is an Enemy seeking to destroy us, an Enemy who will stop at nothing to make sure we suffer and that our hearts turn to despair.  And yet…as we see in Snow White’s story, the Enemy is always vanquished and Snow White always lives.

In the Mind of the Ancients

Every culture has a particular way of thinking, mental images for certain concepts, and connotations for various words.  In Jesus’ day, it would have been the Greco-Roman culture influencing how people thought.  Have the world of Jesus’ opened in a new way by studying the mind of the ancients.

Maidens of the Deep

For generations, mermaids have haunted our imaginations.  But why?  Why does the song of their tale lure us back to them time and again?  Explore their stories with me in this, my favorite series so far.

Stories we Tell at Christmas Time

We tell all sorts of stories at Christmas time.  Stories about light, about gifts, about Jesus.  Stories about Saints and Saviors.  But what is at the root of those stories?  Interestingly enough, the root is always Christ…

God and Childbirth

Where I wrestle with a lot of the thoughts, feelings, and scriptures related to childbirth. (Don’t worry.  There’s nothing too graphic, although I do share my birth story at the end.)