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“Have you a Soul?”

“‘Have you a soul? Have you really a soul, Bertalda?’” ~ Undine to Bertalda[1] The three reach the imperial city, and all are overjoyed to see them.  All except Bertalda, who “could feel nothing but grief.”  She had truly loved Huldbrand.  What’s more, it was evident to everyone (except Undine) that she had loved him…and he’d […]

The Lovely (and Wild) Undine – Part 1

She “knew she was created for God’s praise and glory….She was therefore baptized ‘Undine,’ and during the sacred ceremony she behaved with great propriety and sweetness, wild and restless as she invariably was at other times.”[1]  This is my favorite “mermaid” story!  It was written in 1811 by Friedrich de la Motte Fouqué, a French […]

Sin v. Hubris & Atê

One of the fundamental building-blocks of the Judeo-Christian belief is that there is sin in the world.  Everything underpins this belief.  If you don’t believe in sin, there is no need for a savior. In the Bible, sin has a variety of meanings, but “gives no formal definition” of this all-important concept.  It’s described as […]