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Our Lessons in the Fisherman and His Soul

It’s been awhile since I’ve mentioned the mermaid lessons inherent in every story so far.  This is because it’s easier to discuss them after you know the story. For the lessons make up a vital part of the overarching theme of the story… Worldly vs. Godly Mermaids In my first few posts, I talked about […]

The End of Undine’s Tale

When the news of Huldbrand’s death breaks, Father Heilmann returns to the castle and comforts Bertalda.  However, it has almost no effect “upon her worldly thoughtless mind.”  She slanders and “[abuses] Undine as a murderess and sorceress.”  But the old fisherman “calmly said: ‘It could not be otherwise after all; I see nothing in it […]

Sorrowful Justice

I almost missed today’s “lesson.”  But Andrew pointed it out, and when he did, it was so poignant!  I just hope I can do it justice… The Warning Before his wedding to Bertalda, Hudlbrand has a lucid dream.  Swan-like creatures carry him to the Mediterranean, and he sees Undine under the waves.[1] He sees Kuhleborn […]

Undine’s Sorrows, God’s Sorrows

“Huldbrand’s heart began to turn from Undine to Bertalda” and “Bertalda more and more responded with ardent affection to the young knight….how Undine wept…”[1] This sums up the state of Undine’s marriage.  It’s all the more tragic because Undine is so innocent and pure.  She would never have expected the cruelty of her friend and […]

“Have you a Soul?”

“‘Have you a soul? Have you really a soul, Bertalda?’” ~ Undine to Bertalda[1] The three reach the imperial city, and all are overjoyed to see them.  All except Bertalda, who “could feel nothing but grief.”  She had truly loved Huldbrand.  What’s more, it was evident to everyone (except Undine) that she had loved him…and he’d […]